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Twenty Years ! Alena Finance is a Swiss financial company created in 2000.
Alena Finance operates like a Family Office.
The company employs member and non-members of the Family.
Frank Hämmerle is the managing Director of the company.


Alena Finance has its own LEI number and is regulated by the FINMA rules, License number: 1224 and is audited by Revisions LBA Romandie SARL Crowe is auditing the international Holding company of the Family.


The company is onboarded by financial institutions.Our platform develops business according to Client’s wishes.

Onboarding policies

KYC: Alena Finance has its own onboarding processing list for new clients but also for new partners and follows the Wolfisberg principles as well as CTF Counter Terrorist Financing and AML Anti-money Laundering rules.


Created in 2000, we are former bankers with over thirty-five years of experience building business with, or for financial institutions.
We partner with investors and corporations to identify, develop and capture new investment and business opportunities.

We have an extensive global network. Our investors and clients custody their assets with banks in Switzerland and the UK, where they have the majority of their accounts. Clients request tailor made investment products.